"The Blood Beneath"


A Mordecai Haunted Lantern Tour


The Blood Beneath is an interactive theatrical experience that will take you on a journey through the past. As you move through the grounds of the Mordecai Historic Park, you will encounter fictional characters caught in a dark cycle of tragedy and revenge. Can you help them find their way back to the light? The Blood Beneath is a haunting reminder that some truths refuse to stay buried. Recommended for ages 10 and up.


Tickets remain for the following shows:

 OCTOBER 25 -  6pm  

All other performances are sold out. To access the waiting list, click the ticket link. 


Mordecai Historic Park  1 Mimosa St. Raleigh, NC 27604


Directed by  Sue Scarborough

Costumes by Maggie Rasnick

Props by Dylan Bailey

Production Assistants - Rebekah Walker, Hannah Dempsey, Alexandra Wright

Solomon - Roman Lawrence

Solomon - Zeek Atkinson

Aunt Willie - Barbette Hunter

Miss Sarah - Chloe Oliver 

Miss Edna - Lauren Miller

Aunt Betsy - Page Purgar

Julius - Warren Keyes

Gardener - Isiah Jenkins

Master Richard - Ben Apple

Prodicer - Renee Wimberley

For Tickets

  1. Click the Raleigh Rec Link button below
  2. Click Register for Programs
  3. Click Advanced Search
  4. Type "Haunted Mordecai" in the Containing Keyword field.
  5. Choose your showtime!

Things to help you prepare

  • Shows begins promptly at scheduled time. Please arrive early to check in at The Chapel. 
  • The 30-minute show moves throughout the grounds including up stairs. Please dress for weather and walking. Email  info@seedraleigh.org by 10.21 if you require physical accomodations for this interactive experience.
  • All shows of The Blood Beneath are performed rain or shine.