Homeschool Improv Team


The Players

Lissette Cook

Brandon Edwards

Cana Wimberley

Stella Wimberley

Jordyn Brewington

Carlesa Davis

Zoe Meyers

Micah Logan

Nathaniel Richardson

Phoebe Stubbs

Tristan Jones

Hannah Dempsey

Brandon Dempsey

Ethan Carpenter

Rachel Walker

Sarah Cwiks

Stephen Cwiks

Come play with us!

Improv is not only great for actors, but for teaching creative thinking, writing, small group interaction, and confidence building. The Homeschool Improv Team  is taught through   the Garner Area Homeschoolers.  All classes meet at Avery Street Rec Center Annex 

 125 Avery St, Garner, NC 27529 

Middle and high school students are invited to join us for short form improvisational theatre games. Middle School - Tuesdays 1-1:55 pm

High School - Wednesdays 10-11:30