Creativity Challenge




Well done with last week’s Creativity Challenge!  The assignment was to create a story in which an unusual object in your room was used as transportation, an ingredient, or clothing. Scroll down to check out  some of last week's projects! 

Week 2 Creativity Challenge:

Make up a story incorporating the following line into the beginning, middle, or end of the story: 

“If ______ hadn’t traded _______ for _______, this never would have happened!”

  1. Fill in the blanks with nouns of your choice.
  2. Use one of the following art forms to tell your story.
    1. Music - song, rap, etc.
    2. Visual art - painting, drawing, collage, comic/graphic novel, photography ,sewing etc.
    3. Video - live action, animation, commercial, etc.
    4. Writing - poetry, short story,  etc.
    5. Spoken word - monologue, dialogue (with family member or video)
  3. Email your inspiration sentence to before by the end of your class time on Tuesday (2:00 pm) or Wednesday (11:30 am)
  4. Email your finished project by Monday, March 30 to   I will choose some super creative pieces from each class to post on our website as winners of our Creativity Challenge!


  • Think outside the box.  Worlds don’t have to be real in this exercise.  This story could also take place in an alternate universe. Even if you submit visual art, we should be able to understand the beginning, middle, and end.  
  • Establish the characters, location, and platform 
    • Advance - your story should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. 
    • Make bold, clever,unexpected, universally funny, choices!
    • Make sure we can hear, see, or read your submission - i.e. Visual art should be photographed clearly. And If you make a video or audio recording - speak clearly and only one person at a time.  If possible, send audio/video recordings as mp3 or mp4 files. Depending on the size, they may be shared on Google Drive. 




Rainbows and Ribbons - original song (mp4)



Lights - an original song (mp4)