Class expectations AND POLICIES


how. when. what

  • Dress to move
  • Schedule 
    • call times
    • research
    • writing
    • off-book/lines
    • tech
  • Supplies 
    • pencils
    • scripts
    • water
    • snack
    • designs


 head to toe

  • Socialize before/after class and during breaks.
  • Unless it is required by the instructor for a class activity, all electronic devices (including phones, tablets, games, laptops, toasters, electric can openers, etc.) should be stored at the beginning of class. 


boundaries, diversity, content


  • Establish and respect individual emotional and physical boundaries
  • Respect the diversity within our spaces and avoid negative remarks and/or perceived stereotypes regarding faith traditions, race ethnicity, gender, LGBTQ identity socioeconomic status, mental and/or physical disabilities,  political affiliations or other topics that may damage trust between your scene partners and audience.  
  • Content should be age, environmentally, and socially appropriate regarding: alcohol, drugs, smoking, romantic or sexual relationships, weapons


Our students come from miles around and we play better in one piece.  So in case of weather or emergency cancellations, follow the plan of the partnering organization or Wake County Public Schools. Check the website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages for class updates.


We love to post photos and videos from student projects and performances.  Please update your student photo permission form  to confirm if your child's image may be used in Seed Art Share digital and print materials.